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obsolete signal transducer activity (GO:0004871)
Annotations: Rat: (100) Mouse: (702) Human: (309) Chinchilla: (294) Bonobo: (298) Dog: (301) Squirrel: (294)
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obsolete signal transducer activity +   
OBSOLETE. Conveys a signal across a cell to trigger a change in cell function or state. A signal is a physical entity or change in state that is used to transfer information in order to trigger a response.

Narrow Synonyms: hematopoietin/interferon-class (D200-domain) cytokine receptor signal transducer activity ;   quorum sensing response regulator activity ;   quorum sensing signal generator activity
Alternate IDs: GO:0005062 ;   GO:0009369 ;   GO:0009370
Definition Sources: GOC:go_curators

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