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electron carrier activity (GO:0009055)
Annotations: Rat: (70) Mouse: (58) Human: (102) Chinchilla: (105) Bonobo: (0) Dog: (0) Squirrel: (0)
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molecular function +     
antioxidant activity +   
binding +   
catalytic activity +   
chemoattractant activity +   
chemorepellent activity  
D-alanyl carrier activity 
electron carrier activity +   
Any molecular entity that serves as an electron acceptor and electron donor in an electron transport chain. An electron transport chain is a process in which a series of electron carriers operate together to transfer electrons from donors to any of several different terminal electron acceptors to generate a transmembrane electrochemical gradient.
metallochaperone activity +   
molecular function regulator +   
molecular transducer activity +   
morphogen activity  
nucleic acid binding transcription factor activity +   
nutrient reservoir activity  
protein tag  
signal transducer activity +   
structural molecule activity +   
toxin activity  
transcription factor activity, protein binding +   
translation regulator activity +   
transporter activity +   

Exact Synonyms: electron transporter activity
Narrow Synonyms: 2Fe-2S electron transfer carrier ;   3Fe-4S/4Fe-4S electron transfer carrier ;   adrenodoxin-type ferredoxin ;   amicyanin ;   azurin ;   bacterial-type ferredoxin ;   chloroplast-type ferredoxin ;   copper electron carrier ;   dicluster bacterial-type ferredoxin ;   electron acceptor activity ;   electron donor activity ;   electron transfer flavoprotein ;   electron transfer flavoprotein, group I ;   electron transfer flavoprotein, group II ;   high-potential iron-sulfur carrier ;   iron-sulfur electron transfer carrier ;   monocluster bacterial-type ferredoxin ;   mononuclear iron electron carrier ;   polyferredoxin ;   redox-active disulfide bond electron carrier ;   rubredoxin ;   small blue copper electron carrier ;   thioredoxin-like 2Fe-2S ferredoxin
Related Synonyms: electron carrier, chlorophyll electron transport system
Alternate IDs: GO:0009053 ;   GO:0009054
Xref Analogs: Reactome:REACT_100606 ;   Reactome:REACT_107372 ;   Reactome:REACT_107740 ;   Reactome:REACT_107845 ;   Reactome:REACT_108215 ;   Reactome:REACT_109222 ;   Reactome:REACT_28440 ;   Reactome:REACT_29712 ;   Reactome:REACT_31774 ;   Reactome:REACT_6154 ;   Reactome:REACT_78399 ;   Reactome:REACT_81671 ;   Reactome:REACT_89868 ;   Reactome:REACT_94498 ;   Reactome:REACT_98413 ;   Reactome:REACT_98930 ;   Reactome:REACT_99683 ;   Reactome:REACT_99848
Definition Sources: ISBN:0198506732

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