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hijacked molecular function (GO:0104005)
Annotations: Rat: (21) Mouse: (21) Human: (77) Chinchilla: (66) Bonobo: (72) Dog: (74) Squirrel: (68)
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molecular function +     
antioxidant activity +   
binding +   
cargo receptor activity +   
catalytic activity +   
hijacked molecular function +   
A function that was not selected for in the evolution of an organism, but arises from co-option by another organism, e.g. a human protein used as a virus receptor.
molecular carrier activity +   
molecular function regulator +   
molecular transducer activity +   
nutrient reservoir activity  
protein tag  
structural molecule activity +   
toxin activity  
transcription regulator activity +   
translation regulator activity +   
transporter activity +   

Definition Sources: GOC:pdt

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