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transcription regulator activity (GO:0140110)
Annotations: Rat: (1355) Mouse: (1329) Human: (2074) Chinchilla: (1672) Bonobo: (1889) Dog: (1793) Squirrel: (1737)
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molecular function +     
antioxidant activity +   
binding +   
cargo receptor activity +   
catalytic activity +   
hijacked molecular function +   
molecular carrier activity +   
molecular function regulator +   
molecular transducer activity +   
nutrient reservoir activity  
protein tag  
structural molecule activity +   
toxin activity  
transcription regulator activity +   
A molecular function that controls the rate, timing and/or magnitude of transcription of genetic information. The function of transcriptional regulators is to modulate gene expression at the transcription step so that they are expressed in the right cell at the right time and in the right amount throughout the life of the cell and the organism.
translation regulator activity +   
transporter activity +   

Definition Sources: GOC:pg, GOC:txnOH-2018, Wikipedia:Transcription_factor

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