Term:Manganese Poisoning
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Accession:DOID:9000304 term browser browse the term
Definition:Manganese poisoning is associated with chronic inhalation of manganese particles by individuals who work with manganese ore. Clinical features include CONFUSION; HALLUCINATIONS; and an extrapyramidal syndrome (PARKINSON'S DISEASE, SECONDARY) that includes rigidity; DYSTONIA; retropulsion; and TREMOR. (Adams, Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p1213)
Synonyms:exact_synonym: Manganese Neurotoxicity Syndrome;   Manganese Neurotoxicity Syndromes;   Nervous System Diseases, Manganese Induced;   Nervous System Poisoning, Manganese
 primary_id: MESH:D020149;   RDO:0007318
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Manganese Poisoning term browser
Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G Alad aminolevulinate dehydratase JBrowse link 5 78,368,867 78,379,206 RGD:4144152
G Atp13a2 ATPase cation transporting 13A2 JBrowse link 5 159,512,208 159,531,631 RGD:11554173
G Bnip3 BCL2 interacting protein 3 JBrowse link 1 211,248,098 211,265,282 RGD:11554173
G Cyp2d4 cytochrome P450, family 2, subfamily d, polypeptide 4 JBrowse link 7 123,599,264 123,608,436 RGD:11554173
G Htt huntingtin JBrowse link 14 81,105,139 81,254,637 RGD:11554173
G Ifng interferon gamma JBrowse link 7 61,337,383 61,341,419 RGD:11554173
G Il1b interleukin 1 beta JBrowse link 3 121,876,256 121,882,637 RGD:11554173
G Mfn2 mitofusin 2 JBrowse link 5 164,684,244 164,715,414 RGD:12910738
G Nos2 nitric oxide synthase 2 JBrowse link 10 66,188,290 66,221,621 RGD:11554173
G Prkn parkin RBR E3 ubiquitin protein ligase JBrowse link 1 48,880,015 50,069,998 RGD:11554173
G Slc30a10 solute carrier family 30, member 10 JBrowse link 13 103,396,295 103,406,759 RGD:11554173
G Slc31a1 solute carrier family 31 member 1 JBrowse link 5 78,222,504 78,249,358 RGD:11554173
G Slc39a14 solute carrier family 39 member 14 JBrowse link 15 51,982,872 52,029,841 RGD:11554173
G Slc39a8 solute carrier family 39 member 8 JBrowse link 2 241,028,851 241,092,584 RGD:11554173
G Snca synuclein alpha JBrowse link 4 90,782,412 90,883,236 RGD:11554173
G Tnf tumor necrosis factor JBrowse link 20 5,189,382 5,192,000 RGD:11554173

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  disease 14823
    Chemically-Induced Disorders 1145
      Poisoning 665
        Manganese Poisoning 16
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  disease 14823
    disease of anatomical entity 13997
      nervous system disease 9111
        toxic encephalopathy 156
          Heavy Metal Poisoning, Nervous System 82
            Manganese Poisoning 16
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