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Term:zona pellucida receptor complex
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Accession:GO:0002199 term browser browse the term
Definition:A multisubunit complex comprising the chaperonin-containing T-complex and several other components involved in mediating sperm-oocyte Interaction.
Synonyms:related_synonym: sperm protein complex I

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zona pellucida receptor complex term browser
Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G C4bpa complement component 4 binding protein, alpha JBrowse link 13 47,342,090 47,377,580 RGD:1624291
G Cct2 chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 2 JBrowse link 7 60,106,532 60,122,779 RGD:1624291
G Cct3 chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 3 JBrowse link 2 187,669,051 187,693,610 RGD:1624291
G Cct4 chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 4 JBrowse link 14 107,767,392 107,780,270 RGD:1624291
G Cct5 chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 5 JBrowse link 2 84,667,578 84,678,730 RGD:1624291
G Cct6a chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 6A JBrowse link 12 30,491,584 30,501,813 RGD:1624291
G Cct7 chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 7 JBrowse link 4 117,235,023 117,252,265 RGD:1624291
G Cct8 chaperonin containing TCP1 subunit 8 JBrowse link 11 27,130,172 27,141,881 RGD:1624291
G Hspa1b heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 1B JBrowse link 20 4,877,638 4,880,112 RGD:1624291
G Hspa1l heat shock protein family A (Hsp70) member 1 like JBrowse link 20 4,879,998 4,965,191 RGD:1624291
G Tcp1 t-complex 1 JBrowse link 1 48,025,664 48,033,343 RGD:1624291
G Zpbp zona pellucida binding protein JBrowse link 14 91,360,670 91,556,406 RGD:1624291
G Zpbp2 zona pellucida binding protein 2 JBrowse link 10 86,513,645 86,523,375 RGD:1624291

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  cellular_component 19843
    protein-containing complex 5779
      zona pellucida receptor complex 13
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