Term:cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process
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Accession:GO:0034641 term browser browse the term
Definition:The chemical reactions and pathways involving various organic and inorganic nitrogenous compounds, as carried out by individual cells.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: cellular nitrogen compound metabolism

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Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 17926
    metabolic process 10677
      nitrogen compound metabolic process 9106
        cellular nitrogen compound metabolic process 5682
          2-nitropropane metabolic process + 0
          acrylonitrile metabolic process + 0
          aerobic respiration, using ammonia as electron donor 0
          aerobic respiration, using nitrite as electron donor 0
          amino-acid betaine metabolic process + 18
          anaerobic respiration, using ammonium as electron donor 0
          benzonitrile metabolic process 0
          carbamoyl phosphate metabolic process + 1
          cellular amide metabolic process + 1071
          cellular amine metabolic process + 82
          cellular nitrogen compound biosynthetic process + 4255
          cellular nitrogen compound catabolic process + 391
          cyanate metabolic process + 0
          cyanide metabolic process + 0
          flavin-containing compound metabolic process + 3
          imidazole-containing compound metabolic process + 10
          indole-containing compound metabolic process + 26
          isoquinoline alkaloid metabolic process + 3
          nucleobase-containing compound metabolic process + 4884
          paclitaxel metabolic process + 0
          purine-containing compound metabolic process + 409
          pyridine-containing compound metabolic process + 28
          pyrimidine-containing compound metabolic process + 74
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