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Term:regulation of chromatin binding
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Accession:GO:0035561 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of chromatin binding. Chromatin binding is the selective interaction with chromatin, the network of fibers of DNA, protein, and sometimes RNA, that make up the chromosomes of the eukaryotic nucleus during interphase.

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negative regulation of chromatin binding term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Btaf1 B-TFIID TATA-box binding protein associated factor 1 ISO (PMID:23361013) RGD PMID:23361013 NCBI chr 1:255,564,247...255,654,932
Ensembl chr 1:255,564,409...255,654,932
JBrowse link
G Fbh1 F-box DNA helicase 1 ISO (MGI:MGI:5566975|PMID:24108124) RGD PMID:24108124 MGI:MGI:5566975 NCBI chr17:70,399,093...70,437,151
Ensembl chr17:70,399,049...70,437,144
JBrowse link
G Larp7 La ribonucleoprotein 7, transcriptional regulator ISO MGI:MGI:106477 (MGI:MGI:5461251|PMID:23154982) RGD PMID:23154982 MGI:MGI:5461251 NCBI chr 2:231,866,888...231,882,002
Ensembl chr 2:231,867,135...231,881,939
JBrowse link
G Mepce methylphosphate capping enzyme ISO MGI:MGI:107634 (MGI:MGI:5461251|PMID:23154982) RGD PMID:23154982 MGI:MGI:5461251 NCBI chr12:21,721,246...21,725,965
Ensembl chr12:21,721,837...21,725,435
JBrowse link
G Myod1 myogenic differentiation 1 ISO (MGI:MGI:5706660|PMID:26658965) RGD PMID:26658965 MGI:MGI:5706660 NCBI chr 1:102,396,538...102,399,248
Ensembl chr 1:102,396,538...102,399,248
JBrowse link
G Nfatc4 nuclear factor of activated T-cells 4 ISO (MGI:MGI:5471880|PMID:23407945) RGD PMID:23407945 MGI:MGI:5471880 NCBI chr15:34,493,163...34,502,238
Ensembl chr15:34,493,138...34,504,326
JBrowse link
G Ppp3ca protein phosphatase 3 catalytic subunit alpha ISO (MGI:MGI:5471880|PMID:23407945) RGD PMID:23407945 MGI:MGI:5471880 NCBI chr 2:241,909,332...242,186,861
Ensembl chr 2:241,909,832...242,184,854
JBrowse link
G Senp2 SUMO specific peptidase 2 ISO MGI:MGI:3818535 (MGI:MGI:4820664|PMID:20417598) RGD PMID:20417598 MGI:MGI:4820664 NCBI chr11:82,627,973...82,664,702
Ensembl chr11:82,630,436...82,664,630
JBrowse link
G Tdg thymine-DNA glycosylase ISO (MGI:MGI:3831457|PMID:18945672) RGD PMID:18945672 MGI:MGI:3831457 NCBI chr 7:27,194,000...27,213,676
Ensembl chr 7:27,193,998...27,214,236
JBrowse link
G Wapl WAPL cohesin release factor ISO (PMID:17113138), (PMID:19696148) RGD PMID:17113138, PMID:19696148 NCBI chr16:11,029,325...11,108,867
Ensembl chr16:11,032,531...11,106,589
JBrowse link
positive regulation of chromatin binding term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Cdt1 chromatin licensing and DNA replication factor 1 ISO (PMID:11125146) RGD PMID:11125146 NCBI chr19:55,381,565...55,386,511
Ensembl chr19:55,381,565...55,386,511
JBrowse link
G Ctbp2 C-terminal binding protein 2 ISO (MGI:MGI:5538466|PMID:23775127) RGD PMID:23775127 MGI:MGI:5538466 NCBI chr 1:205,001,354...205,030,565
Ensembl chr 1:205,001,396...205,040,755
JBrowse link
G Ddx11 DEAD/H-box helicase 11 ISO (PMID:26089203) RGD PMID:26089203 NCBI chr 9:114,113,642...114,133,908
Ensembl chr 9:114,111,580...114,132,492
JBrowse link
G Dtx3l deltex E3 ubiquitin ligase 3L ISO UniProtKB:Q8IXQ6 (PMID:26479788) RGD PMID:26479788 NCBI chr11:67,758,093...67,767,623
NCBI chr11:67,768,542...67,772,428
Ensembl chr11:67,757,928...67,767,622
JBrowse link
G Ebf2 EBF transcription factor 2 ISO (MGI:MGI:5495569|PMID:23499423) RGD PMID:23499423 MGI:MGI:5495569 NCBI chr15:43,905,099...44,103,742
Ensembl chr15:43,905,099...44,103,742
JBrowse link
G Gmnn geminin, DNA replication inhibitor ISO (PMID:11125146) RGD PMID:11125146 NCBI chr17:42,302,523...42,310,783
Ensembl chr17:42,302,540...42,310,783
JBrowse link
G Hmbox1 homeobox containing 1 ISO (MGI:MGI:5500098|PMID:23685356) RGD PMID:23685356 MGI:MGI:5500098 NCBI chr15:48,194,709...48,326,310
Ensembl chr15:48,199,995...48,284,548
JBrowse link
G Kat2b lysine acetyltransferase 2B IMP Ep300 RGD PMID:20870727 RGD:9590266 NCBI chr 9:4,440,982...4,492,949 JBrowse link
G Kdm1a lysine demethylase 1A IMP RGD PMID:20418916 RGD:9588315 NCBI chr 5:154,909,003...154,965,171
Ensembl chr 5:154,909,003...154,965,171
JBrowse link
G Kdm4d lysine demethylase 4D ISO (PMID:24550317) RGD PMID:24550317 NCBI chr 8:12,968,192...12,993,651
Ensembl chr 8:13,511,805...13,513,337
JBrowse link
G Mbd2 methyl-CpG binding domain protein 2 IMP RGD PMID:25135974 RGD:9589119 NCBI chr18:65,814,026...65,885,115
Ensembl chr18:65,814,026...65,885,114
JBrowse link
G Med25 mediator complex subunit 25 ISO (PMID:17641689) RGD PMID:17641689 NCBI chr 1:100,872,240...100,887,864
Ensembl chr 1:100,874,976...100,887,853
JBrowse link
G Mfn2 mitofusin 2 IMP Tfap2a RGD PMID:27997345 RGD:12910740 NCBI chr 5:164,684,244...164,715,414
Ensembl chr 5:164,684,509...164,714,145
JBrowse link
G Parp9 poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase family, member 9 ISO UniProtKB:Q8TDB6 (PMID:26479788) RGD PMID:26479788 NCBI chr11:67,724,071...67,758,027
Ensembl chr11:67,724,076...67,756,799
JBrowse link
G Pygo2 pygopus family PHD finger 2 ISO MGI:MGI:5518423 (MGI:MGI:5498404|PMID:23637336) RGD PMID:23637336 MGI:MGI:5498404 NCBI chr 2:188,757,167...188,762,285
Ensembl chr 2:188,757,489...188,762,282
JBrowse link
regulation of euchromatin binding term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Ctnnb1 catenin beta 1 ISO
PMID:22723415 GO_REF:0000107, MGI:MGI:5428344 NCBI chr 8:129,601,511...129,628,378
Ensembl chr 8:129,617,812...129,627,372
JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 20017
    biological regulation 13767
      regulation of molecular function 3065
        regulation of binding 408
          regulation of chromatin binding 26
            negative regulation of chromatin binding + 10
            positive regulation of chromatin binding + 15
            regulation of euchromatin binding + 1
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