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Term:histone H3-K4 dimethylation
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Accession:GO:0044648 term browser browse the term
Definition:The modification of histone H3 by addition of two methyl groups to lysine at position 4 of the histone.

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histone H3-K4 dimethylation term browser
Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G Kmt2a lysine methyltransferase 2A JBrowse link 8 49,110,407 49,185,872 RGD:1624291
G Kmt2b lysine methyltransferase 2B JBrowse link 1 89,022,889 89,042,176 RGD:1624291
G Kmt2d lysine methyltransferase 2D JBrowse link 7 140,507,137 140,542,479 RGD:1624291
G Prdm9 PR/SET domain 9 JBrowse link 1 57,533,602 57,555,155 RGD:1600115
G Setd1a SET domain containing 1A, histone lysine methyltransferase JBrowse link 1 199,222,584 199,247,993 RGD:1624291
G Setd1b SET domain containing 1B, histone lysine methyltransferase JBrowse link 12 38,843,167 38,869,180 RGD:1600115

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 19858
    metabolic process 12096
      methylation 364
        macromolecule methylation 333
          protein methylation 203
            peptidyl-lysine methylation 142
              peptidyl-lysine dimethylation 23
                histone H3-K4 dimethylation 6
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 19858
    metabolic process 12096
      organic substance metabolic process 11494
        macromolecule metabolic process 9943
          protein metabolic process 6185
            protein modification process 3901
              cellular protein modification process 3901
                protein alkylation 203
                  protein methylation 203
                    histone methylation 158
                      histone lysine methylation 127
                        histone H3-K4 methylation 59
                          histone H3-K4 dimethylation 6
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