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Term:positive regulation of keratinocyte differentiation
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Accession:GO:0045618 term browser browse the term
Definition:Any process that activates or increases the frequency, rate or extent of keratinocyte differentiation.
Synonyms:exact_synonym: up regulation of keratinocyte differentiation;   upregulation of keratinocyte differentiation
 narrow_synonym: activation of keratinocyte differentiation;   stimulation of keratinocyte differentiation

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positive regulation of keratinocyte differentiation term browser
Symbol Object Name Evidence Notes Source PubMed Reference(s) RGD Reference(s) Position
G Alox15b arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase type B ISO (MGI:MGI:3784332|PMID:10965849) UniProtKB PMID:10965849 MGI:MGI:3784332 NCBI chrNW_004955467:8,896,740...8,906,032
Ensembl chrNW_004955467:8,895,095...8,906,009
JBrowse link
G Etv4 ETS variant transcription factor 4 ISO (PMID:31552090) UniProt PMID:31552090 NCBI chrNW_004955451:16,965,404...16,976,503
Ensembl chrNW_004955451:16,965,125...16,976,127
JBrowse link
G LOC102008188 core histone macro-H2A.1 ISO (PMID:23595991) UniProtKB PMID:23595991 NCBI chrNW_004955408:30,497,531...30,550,095
Ensembl chrNW_004955408:30,497,531...30,550,118
JBrowse link
G LOC102011841 25-hydroxyvitamin D-1 alpha hydroxylase, mitochondrial ISO (PMID:12496369) BHF-UCL PMID:12496369 NCBI chrNW_004955458:5,472,404...5,477,001
Ensembl chrNW_004955458:5,472,404...5,477,001
JBrowse link
G LOC102017503 core histone macro-H2A.2 ISO (PMID:23595991) UniProtKB PMID:23595991 NCBI chrNW_004955437:21,126,581...21,186,308
Ensembl chrNW_004955437:21,126,006...21,186,797
JBrowse link
G Med1 mediator complex subunit 1 ISO (PMID:17082781) UniProtKB PMID:17082781 NCBI chrNW_004955451:14,204,326...14,237,809
Ensembl chrNW_004955451:14,202,744...14,237,797
JBrowse link
G Ncoa3 nuclear receptor coactivator 3 ISO (PMID:17082781), (PMID:17223341) UniProtKB PMID:17082781, PMID:17223341 NCBI chrNW_004955445:10,020,916...10,085,318
Ensembl chrNW_004955445:10,024,308...10,052,472
JBrowse link
G Notch1 notch receptor 1 ISO (MGI:MGI:3689772|PMID:17079689)
MGI PMID:16618808, PMID:17079689 MGI:MGI:3623698, MGI:MGI:3689772 NCBI chrNW_004955513:4,225,939...4,264,875
Ensembl chrNW_004955513:4,225,956...4,263,259
JBrowse link
G Numa1 nuclear mitotic apparatus protein 1 ISO (MGI:MGI:5754878|PMID:26765568) UniProtKB PMID:26765568 MGI:MGI:5754878 NCBI chrNW_004955414:19,252,191...19,327,504
Ensembl chrNW_004955414:19,252,191...19,327,504
JBrowse link
G Ovol2 ovo like zinc finger 2 ISO (MGI:MGI:5584327|PMID:24735878) MGI PMID:24735878 MGI:MGI:5584327 NCBI chrNW_004955415:26,825,284...26,843,438
Ensembl chrNW_004955415:26,825,284...26,843,438
JBrowse link
G Prkch protein kinase C eta ISO (MGI:MGI:5306545|PMID:21346190) UniProtKB PMID:21346190 MGI:MGI:5306545 NCBI chrNW_004955466:8,178,323...8,393,446 JBrowse link
G Trim16 tripartite motif containing 16 ISO (PMID:11919186) UniProtKB PMID:11919186 NCBI chrNW_004955467:2,059,793...2,084,221 JBrowse link
G Vdr vitamin D receptor ISO (PMID:17082781) UniProtKB PMID:17082781 NCBI chrNW_004955500:6,745,725...6,798,052
Ensembl chrNW_004955500:6,745,678...6,798,048
JBrowse link
G Zbed2 zinc finger BED-type containing 2 ISO (PMID:31552090) HGNC PMID:31552090 NCBI chrNW_004955427:12,007,646...12,009,431 JBrowse link

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 11892
    positive regulation of biological process 5388
      positive regulation of multicellular organismal process 1432
        positive regulation of keratinocyte differentiation 14
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  biological_process 11892
    developmental process 5616
      anatomical structure development 5254
        tissue development 1863
          epithelium development 1138
            epithelial cell differentiation 623
              regulation of epithelial cell differentiation 151
                regulation of epidermal cell differentiation 51
                  regulation of keratinocyte differentiation 29
                    positive regulation of keratinocyte differentiation 14
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