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Term:increased liver triglyceride level
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Accession:MP:0009355 term browser browse the term
Definition:greater concentration of naturally occurring esters of three fatty acids and glycerol in the liver; triglycerides are widespread in adipose tissue, commonly circulate in the blood in the form of lipoproteins, and are involved in the process of bidirectional transference of adipose fat and blood glucose with the liver
Synonyms:exact_synonym: increased hepatic triglyceride level

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increased liver triglyceride level term browser
Symbol Object Name JBrowse Chr Start Stop Reference
G Atp7bhts ATPase copper transporting beta; hepatitis RGD:2292672
G Bscl2 BSCL2 lipid droplet biogenesis associated, seipin JBrowse link 1 225,035,956 225,046,137 RGD:11085488
G Bscl2m1Kyo BSCL2, seipin lipid droplet biogenesis associated; ENU induced mutant1, Kyo RGD:11085488
G Ldlrem1Sage low density lipoprotein receptor; ZFN induced mutant 1, Sage RGD:12910100
G Lep leptin JBrowse link 4 56,337,695 56,351,818 RGD:8549777
G Lepm1Kyo leptin; ENU induced mutant1, Kyo RGD:8549777

Term paths to the root
Path 1
Term Annotations click to browse term
  mammalian phenotype 4926
    liver/biliary system phenotype 98
      abnormal hepatobiliary system morphology 90
        abnormal liver morphology 57
          abnormal liver triglyceride level 13
            increased liver triglyceride level 12
Path 2
Term Annotations click to browse term
  mammalian phenotype 4926
    homeostasis/metabolism phenotype 1163
      abnormal homeostasis 1103
        abnormal lipid homeostasis 304
          abnormal lipid level 301
            abnormal triglyceride level 117
              increased triglyceride level 91
                increased liver triglyceride level 12
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