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plant hormone +     
(+)-abscisic acid +   
(-)-abscisic acid 
(-)-methyl jasmonate 
12-oxo-trans-10-dodecenoic acid 
2-chlorobenzoic acid +  
auxin +   
Any of a group of compounds, both naturally occurring and synthetic, that induce cell elongation in plant stems (from Greek alphaupsilonxialphanuomega, 'to grow').
brassinolide +   
cytokinin +   
ethene +   
gibberellin +  
indole-3-acetic acid +   
indole-3-acetonitrile +  
indole-3-butyric acid +   
jasmonates +  
salicylic acid +   
strigolactone +  
traumatic acid +  

Related Synonyms: auxins
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Auxin

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