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ammonia dichloroplatinum(2+) 
chromium group element atom +   
chromium group molecular entity +   
cobalt group element atom +   
cobalt group molecular entity +   
copper group element atom +   
copper group molecular entity +   
d-block molecular entity +   
A d-block molecular entity is a molecular entity containing one or more atoms of a d-block element.
f-block molecular entity +   
ferric hydroxide 
iron group element atom +   
iron group molecular entity +   
lawrencium atom +  
lutetium atom +  
manganese group element atom +   
manganese group molecular entity +   
mercuric amidochloride 
Molybdenum Mo-99 
nickel group element atom +   
nickel group molecular entity +   
scandium atom +   
scandium group molecular entity +  
titanium group element atom +   
titanium group molecular entity +   
transition element coordination entity +   
vanadium group element atom +   
vanadium group molecular entity +   
yttrium atom +   
zinc group element atom +   

Related Synonyms: d-block compounds ;   d-block molecular entities

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