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azaphilone +   
camphorsulfonates +  
crown compound +  
A macrocyclic polydentate compound, usually uncharged, in which three or more coordinating ring atoms are or may become suitably close for easy formation of chelate complexes with metal ions or other cationic species.
cyclic acetal +   
heteroarene +   
heterocyclic antibiotic +   
organic heterocyclyl group +  
organic heteromonocyclic compound +   
organic heteropolycyclic compound +   
organoiodine heterocyclic compound +  
organonitrogen heterocyclic compound +   
organoselenium heterocyclic compound +   
organosulfur heterocyclic compound +   
oxacycle +   

Exact Synonyms: crown ;   crown compounds
Related Synonyms: corona ;   coronand ;   coronands ;   couronne

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