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unsaturated fatty acyl-CoA (CHEBI:51006)
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fatty acyl-CoA +     
11,12-saturated fatty acyl-CoA +   
2,3,4-saturated fatty acyl CoA 
alkynic fatty acyl-CoA +  
amino fatty acyl-CoA 
aza fatty acyl-CoA 
branched-chain fatty acyl-CoA +   
hydroxy fatty acyl-CoA +  
long-chain fatty acyl-CoA +   
medium-chain fatty acyl-CoA +   
oxo-fatty acyl-CoA +   
short-chain fatty acyl-CoA +   
unsaturated fatty acyl-CoA +   
A fatty acyl-CoA that results from the formal condensation of the thiol group of coenzyme A with the carboxy group of any unsaturated fatty acid.
very long-chain fatty acyl-CoA +  
 2-enoyl-CoA +   
 3-enoyl-CoA +  

Related Synonyms: dehydroacyl-CoA ;   dehydroacyl-CoAs ;   unsaturated FA-CoA ;   unsaturated acyl-CoA ;   unsaturated fatty acyl-CoAs ;   unsaturated fatty acyl-coenzyme A
Alternate IDs: CHEBI:23589 ;   CHEBI:23917 ;   CHEBI:61913
Xrefs: PMID:13152086 "Europe PMC"
Cyclic Relationships: is_conjugate_acid_of CHEBI:77632

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