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chlormerodrin ((197)Hg) (CHEBI:59455)
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((201)Tl)thallium monochloride 
(11)C-choline +  
(11)C-choline chloride 
(11)C-modified compound +  
(13)C-modified compound +  
(13)N-modified compound +  
(14)C-modified compound +  
(15)N-modified compound +  
(18)F radiopharmaceutical +   
chlormerodrin ((197)Hg) 
Chlormerodrin containing the radioactive isotope (197)Hg. It was formerly used as a diagnostic aid in determination of renal function.
chlormerodrin ((203)Hg) 
deuterated compound +  
florbetaben ((18)F) 
florbetapir F-18 
flutemetamol ((18)F) 
ioflupane I(123) 
sodium 2-((125)I)iodohippurate 
sodium 2-((131)I)iodohippurate 
tritiated compound +  

Exact Synonyms: [3-(carbamoylamino)-2-methoxypropyl](chloro)((197)Hg)mercury
Related Synonyms: 3-ureido-2-methoxypropyl((197)Hg)mercury(II) chloride ;   Formula=C4H9Cl[197Hg]O ;   InChI=1S/C4H9O.ClH.Hg/c1-4(2)5-3;;/h4H,1H2,2-3H3;1H;/q;;+1/p-1/i;;1-4 ;   InChIKey=XVUKSLOWICFXTO-WUYZZQIKSA-M ;   SMILES=COC(C)C[197Hg]Cl ;   chlormerodrin (197Hg) ;   chloro(2-methoxy-3-ureidopropyl)((197)Hg)mercury(II)
Xrefs: CAS:10375-56-1 ;   DrugBank:DB00534 ;   KEGG:D03465

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