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L-alaniniumyl group (CHEBI:64718)
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3'-(L-arginyl)adenylyl(1+) group 
3'-(L-lysyl)adenylyl(1+) group 
5-aminomethyl-2-thiouridine residue(1+) 
7-methylguanosin-5'-yl group 
7-methylguanosine 5'-triphosphate group 
[4)-D-GlcpN-(1->](1+) residue 
agmatidine 5'-phosphate(1+) residue 
alpha-amino-acid residue cation +  
amino-acid cation residue +  
cationic peptidyl group +  
glyciniumyl group 
L-alaniniumyl group 
The organic cationic group formed from L-alaninium; the major structure at pH 7.3 of the L-alanyl group, formed by protonation of the alpha-amino group.
L-argininiumyl(2+) group 
L-asparaginiumyl group 
L-cysteiniumyl group +  
L-histidiniumyl group 
L-isoleuciniumyl group 
L-leucyl(1+) group 
L-lysiniumyl(2+) group 
L-phenylalaniniumyl group 
L-proliniumyl group +  
L-pyrrolysiniumyl group 
L-seriniumyl group 
L-threoniniumyl group 
L-tryptophaniumyl group 
L-tyrosiniumyl group 
L-valiniumyl group 
N(2),N(2),N(7)-trimethylguanosine 5'-triphosphate group 
N(2)-acetyl-L-argininium residue 
N,N-dimethyl-L-alaniniumyl group 
N,N-dimethyl-L-prolinium residue 
phosphocholine group 

Exact Synonyms: (2S)-2-ammoniopropanoyl ;   (2S)-2-azaniumylpropanoyl
Related Synonyms: Formula=C3H7NO ;   L-alanyl(1+) ;   L-alanyl(1+) group ;   N-terminal L-alanine residue

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