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cortical volumetric bone mineral density (CMO:0001730)
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cortical volumetric bone mineral density  
Measurement of the mineral mass per unit volume of corrical bone. Bone is the hard, rigid form of connective tissue constituting most of the skeleton of vertebrates and composed chiefly of calcium salts. Cortical or compact bone is the relatively solid type of bone tissue found in the middle of long bones which is a hierarchical composite material consisting of a collagen-hydroxyapatite composite at the lowest level forming a complex network of cylindrical units of laminated bone at the highest level.
total volumetric bone mineral density  
trabecular volumetric bone mineral density  

Exact Synonyms: volumetric bone mineral density of cortical bone
Related Synonyms: cortical vBMD ;   cortical volumetric BMD
Definition Sources: Dorland:Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary--31st_Ed, ISBN:978-1416049982, McGraw-Hill:McGraw-Hill_Concise_Dictionary_of_Modern_Medicine, Website:

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