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central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal neoplasm (DOID:0060103)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
adult central nervous system choriocarcinoma 
astroblastoma +   
brain cancer +   
central nervous system germ cell tumor +  
central nervous system hematologic cancer +   
central nervous system melanocytic neoplasm +   
central nervous system mesenchymal non-meningothelial tumor +   
central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal neoplasm +   
A central nervous system cancer of children and young adults that develops from neural crest cells located_in cerebrum, has_material_basis_in abnormally proliferating cells derives_from neuroectoderm. (DO)
central nervous system sarcoma +   
cranial nerve neoplasm +   
craniopharyngioma +   
medulloblastoma +   
melanotic neuroectodermal tumor 
meningioma +   
neuroendocrine tumor +   
Primitive Peripheral Neuroectodermal Tumors +   
spinal cancer +   


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