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cerebellar medulloblastoma (DOID:0060104)
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cerebellum cancer +     
medulloblastoma +     
adult cerebellar neoplasm 
adult medulloblastoma 
brain stem medulloblastoma 
cerebellar angioblastoma  
cerebellar astrocytoma +   
cerebellar liponeurocytoma 
cerebellar medulloblastoma +   
A cerebellum cancer that begins in the lower part of the brain on the floor of the skull. (DO)
cerebellar vermis medulloblastoma 
childhood cerebellar neoplasm 
childhood medulloblastoma 
large cell medulloblastoma 
melanotic medulloblastoma 
nodular medulloblastoma 
papillary meningioma of the cerebellum 

Primary IDs: RDO:9002847
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