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primary polycythemia (DOID:10780)
Annotations: Rat: (20) Mouse: (20) Human: (22) Chinchilla: (17) Bonobo: (19) Dog: (18) Squirrel: (16)
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polycythemia +     
acquired polycythemia +  
physiological polycythemia 
plethora of newborn 
primary polycythemia +   
A polycythemia that_has_material_basis in factors intrinsic to red cell precursors. (DO)

Exact Synonyms: familial erythrocytosis ;   familiar polycythemia ;   primary polycythemias
Primary IDs: RDO:9002589
Xrefs: OMIM:PS133100
Definition Sources: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycythemia#Primary_polycythemia

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