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thalassemia +     
alpha thalassemia +   
beta thalassemia +   
A disorder characterized by reduced synthesis of the beta chains of hemoglobin. There is retardation of hemoglobin A synthesis in the heterozygous form (thalassemia minor), which is asymptomatic, while in the homozygous form (thalassemia major, Cooley's anemia, Mediterranean anemia, erythroblastic anemia), which can result in severe complications and even death, hemoglobin A synthesis is absent.
Delta-Thalassemia +   

Exact Synonyms: Anemia, Cooley ;   Anemia, Cooleys ;   Anemias, Erythroblastic ;   BETA THALASSEMIA MAJOR ;   Beta thalassemia intermedia ;   Beta-thalassemia, lermontov type ;   Cooley's Anemia ;   Erythroblastic Anemia ;   Hemoglobin F Disease ;   Mediterranean Anemia ;   Mediterranean Anemias ;   Thalassemia Intermedia ;   Thalassemia Intermedias ;   Thalassemia Major ;   Thalassemia Major (beta Thalassemia Major) ;   Thalassemia Majors (beta-Thalassemia Major) ;   Thalassemia Minor ;   Thalassemia Minor (beta Thalassemia Minor) ;   Thalassemia Minors (beta-Thalassemia Minor) ;   beta Thalassemias ;   beta Type Microcytemia ;   beta Type Microcytemias ;   beta Type Thalassemia ;   beta Type Thalassemias ;   beta0^ Thalassemia ;   beta^0^ Thalassemia
Narrow Synonyms: BETA-MALAY-THALASSEMIA ;   BETA-THALASSEMIA DOMINANT ;   Beta-Houston-thalassemia ;   Beta-e-thalassemia
Related Synonyms: HEMOGLOBIN AGENOGI ;   HEMOGLOBIN E (SASKATOON) ;   HEMOGLOBIN HK ;   HEMOGLOBIN HOFU ;   HEMOGLOBIN HRADEC KRALOVE ;   HEMOGLOBIN J (RAMBAM) ;   HEMOGLOBIN SAKI ;   Hemoglobin Brescia ;   Hemoglobin City of Hope ;   Hemoglobin Durham-N.C. ;   Hemoglobin J (Cambridge) ;   Hemoglobin MS ;   Hemoglobin Mississippi ;   Hemoglobin Siriraj
Primary IDs: MESH:D017086 ;   RDO:0007022
Alternate IDs: OMIM:613985
Xrefs: GARD:871 ;   NCI:C34375 ;   ORDO:848
Definition Sources: MESH:D017086,

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