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basophilic adenocarcinoma 
bone marrow cancer +   
cell type benign neoplasm +   
cell type cancer +   
central nervous system hematologic cancer +   
Complex and Mixed Neoplasms +   
Connective and Soft Tissue Neoplasms +   
dendritic cell thymoma +  
Germ Cell and Embryonal Neoplasms +   
Glandular and Epithelial Neoplasms +   
Gonadal Tissue Neoplasms +   
histiocytic and dendritic cell cancer +  
leukemia +   
A progressive, malignant disease of the blood-forming organs, characterized by distorted proliferation and development of leukocytes and their precursors in the blood and bone marrow. Leukemias were originally termed acute or chronic based on life expectancy but now are classified according to cellular maturity. Acute leukemias consist of predominately immature cells; chronic leukemias are composed of more mature cells. (From The Merck Manual, 2006)
Lymphatic Vessel Tumors +   
lymphoma +   
malignant histiocytic disease +   
mast cell neoplasm +   
myeloid sarcoma +   
Nerve Tissue Neoplasms +   
Nevi and Melanomas +   
Odontogenic Tumors +   
refractory hematologic cancer +  
Vascular Tissue Neoplasms +   

Exact Synonyms: Leucocythaemia ;   Leucocythaemias ;   Leucocythemia ;   Leucocythemias ;   Leukemias
Related Synonyms: Leukemia, post-chemotherapy, susceptibility to
Primary IDs: MESH:D007938
Alternate IDs: RDO:0002429
Xrefs: NCI:C3161
Definition Sources: MESH:D007938,,

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