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adult central nervous system choriocarcinoma 
Angiomatosis, Diffuse Corticomeningeal, of Divry and Van Bogaert 
benign glioma +   
brain cancer +   
A central nervous system cancer that is characterized by the growth of abnormal cells in the tissues of the brain. (DO)
Brain Neoplasms, Radiation-Induced 
central nervous system germ cell tumor +  
central nervous system hematologic cancer +   
central nervous system melanocytic neoplasm +  
central nervous system mesenchymal non-meningothelial tumor +  
central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal neoplasm +  
central nervous system sarcoma +  
central neurocytoma 
Cerebral Sarcoma 
Cerebral Ventricle Neoplasms +   
Cerebroretinal Microangiopathy with Calcifications and Cysts +   
cranial nerve neoplasm +   
Desmoplastic Cerebral Astrocytoma of Infancy 
Familial Capillaro-Venous Leptomeningeal Angiomatosis 
Infratentorial Neoplasms +   
meningioma +   
Pascual Castroviejo Syndrome 
Pinealoma +   
spinal cancer +  
Supratentorial Neoplasms +   
Turcot Syndrome  

Exact Synonyms: BT - Brain tumour ;   adult brain tumor ;   adult malignant brain neoplasm ;   brain cancers ;   brain neoplasm, adult ;   cancer of brain ;   malignant brain tumour ;   malignant primary brain neoplasm ;   malignant primary brain tumor ;   malignant tumor of Brain ;   malignant tumor of adult brain ;   primary malignant neoplasm of brain ;   tumor of the brain
Primary IDs: RDO:9002775
Xrefs: NCI:C2907 ;   NCI:C3568 ;   NCI:C4952 ;   NCI:C4954 ;   NCI:C5115 ;   NCI:C7710
Definition Sources:

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