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mouth disease +     
accessory nerve disease +  
alveolar periostitis 
Behcet's disease +   
burning mouth syndrome +  
Cranial Nerve Injuries +   
cranial nerve neoplasm +   
cranial nerve palsy +  
Cranial Nerves, Congenital Paresis of 
Cranial Nerves, Recurrent Paresis of 
Edentulous Mouth +   
facial hemiatrophy 
facial nerve disease +   
Diseases of the facial nerve or nuclei. Pontine disorders may affect the facial nuclei or nerve fascicle. The nerve may be involved intracranially, along its course through the petrous portion of the temporal bone, or along its extracranial course. Clinical manifestations include facial muscle weakness, loss of taste from the anterior tongue, hyperacusis, and decreased lacrimation.
focal epithelial hyperplasia 
glossopharyngeal nerve disease +   
Hemifacial Spasm +   
herpangina +   
hypoglossal nerve disease +   
jaw-winking syndrome 
lip disease +   
Ludwig's angina 
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome 
Mouth Abnormalities +   
Mouth Neoplasms +   
mucocele of salivary gland 
noma +  
ocular motility disease +   
olfactory nerve disease +   
Ophthalmoplegic Migraine 
optic nerve disease +   
oral candidiasis  
oral cavity carcinoma in situ +   
Oral Fistula +  
oral hairy leukoplakia 
Oral Hemorrhage +   
oral leukoedema 
Oral Lichen Planus  
Oral Manifestations +   
oral mucosa leukoplakia +   
oral submucous fibrosis  
oral tuberculosis 
Oral Ulcer  
Orofacial Granulomatosis 
periodontal disease +   
salivary gland disease +   
stomatitis +   
third cranial nerve disease +   
tongue disease +   
tooth disease +   
Trichomonas tenax trichomoniasis 
trigeminal nerve disease +   
trochlear nerve disease +  
Vagus nerve disease +   
vestibulocochlear nerve disease +   

Exact Synonyms: Acquired Facial Neuropathy ;   Cranial Nerve VII Diseases ;   Cranial Nerve VII Disorders ;   Facial Myokymia ;   Facial Myokymias ;   Facial Nerve Disorder ;   Facial Nerve Disorders ;   Facial Nerve Motor Disorders ;   Facial Nerve Sensory Disorders ;   Facial Neuritides ;   Facial Neuritis ;   Facial Neuropathies ;   Facial Neuropathy ;   Familial Facial Neuropathies ;   Familial Facial Neuropathy ;   acquired facial neuropathies ;   facial nerve diseases ;   seventh cranial nerve diseases
Primary IDs: MESH:D005155
Alternate IDs: RDO:0005560
Xrefs: ICD10CM:G51 ;   ICD10CM:G51.9 ;   ICD9CM:351 ;   ICD9CM:351.9 ;   NCI:C27594
Definition Sources: MESH:D005155

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