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sarcoma +     
adenosarcoma +  
alveolar soft part sarcoma  
angiosarcoma +   
anus sarcoma +  
bile duct sarcoma +  
bladder sarcoma 
breast sarcoma +  
carcinosarcoma +   
central nervous system sarcoma +  
Cerebral Sarcoma 
chondrosarcoma +   
clear cell sarcoma +   
colon sarcoma +  
dendritic cell sarcoma +  
Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor  
endometrial stromal tumor +   
epithelioid sarcoma +  
esophagus sarcoma +  
Experimental Sarcoma +   
fibrosarcoma +   
gallbladder sarcoma +  
germ cell and embryonal cancer +   
heart sarcoma +  
Kaposi's sarcoma +   
kidney sarcoma +  
larynx sarcoma +  
leiomyosarcoma +   
A sarcoma containing large spindle cells of smooth muscle. Although it rarely occurs in soft tissue, it is common in the viscera. It is the most common soft tissue sarcoma of the gastrointestinal tract and uterus. The median age of patients is 60 years. (From Dorland, 27th ed; Holland et al., Cancer Medicine, 3d ed, p1865)
liposarcoma +   
liver sarcoma +  
lung sarcoma +  
lymphangiosarcoma +  
malignant fibroxanthoma +   
malignant hemangioma +  
mast-cell sarcoma 
mediastinum sarcoma +  
Mesodermal Mixed Tumor 
muscle cancer +   
myeloid sarcoma +   
orbit sarcoma +  
osteosarcoma +   
ovary sarcoma +  
pancreas sarcoma 
paranasal sinus sarcoma 
penis sarcoma 
Phyllodes Tumor +   
prostate sarcoma +  
rectum sarcoma +  
sarcomatosis +  
skin sarcoma +  
small cell sarcoma 
small intestinal sarcoma +  
spindle cell sarcoma +   
synovial sarcoma +   
testis sarcoma +  
thyroid sarcoma +  
trachea sarcoma 
uterine corpus sarcoma +  
vagina sarcoma +  
vulvar sarcoma +  

Exact Synonyms: Leiomyosarcomas
Primary IDs: MESH:D007890
Alternate IDs: RDO:0005973
Xrefs: GARD:6880 ;   NCI:C3158
Definition Sources: MESH:D007890,

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