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cerebrum cancer +     
malignant glioma +     
astrocytoma +   
A malignant glioma that is has_material_basis_in astrocyte cells, a type of star-shaped glial cell, located in the brain and spinal cord. (DO)
brain glioma +   
brain stem glioma +   
cerebral hemisphere lipoma +  
cerebral lymphoma  
cerebral meningioma +  
cerebral neuroblastoma 
cerebral primitive neuroectodermal tumor 
cerebral ventricle cancer +   
childhood cerebral astrocytoma 
chordoid glioma +   
dysembryoplastic neuroepithelial tumor  
Ependymomas +   
frontal lobe neoplasm 
mixed glioma +   
occipital lobe neoplasm 
oligodendroglioma +   
parietal lobe neoplasm +  
spinal cord glioma +   
temporal lobe neoplasm 

Exact Synonyms: Astrocytic tumor ;   Astrocytoma, NOS ;   Cerebral Astrocytoma ;   Childhood Cerebral Astrocytoma ;   Gemistocytic Astrocytoma ;   Gemistocytic Astrocytomas ;   Grade I Astrocytoma ;   Grade I Astrocytomas ;   Grade II Astrocytoma ;   Intracranial Astrocytoma ;   anaplastic astrocytoma ;   anaplastic astrocytomas ;   astrocytic brain tumor ;   astrocytic glioma ;   astrocytic gliomas ;   astrocytoma of brain ;   astrocytoma of cerebrum ;   astrocytoma, no ICD-O subtype ;   astrocytomas ;   astroglioma ;   astrogliomas ;   cerebral astrocytomas ;   childhood cerebral astrocytomas ;   grade II astrocytomas ;   intracranial astrocytomas ;   mixed oligoastrocytoma ;   mixed oligoastrocytomas
Primary IDs: MESH:D001254
Xrefs: NCI:C4951 ;   NCI:C60781 ;   NCI:C6958
Definition Sources: "DO", "DO"

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