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accessory nerve disease +  
adult central nervous system choriocarcinoma 
autonomic nervous system neoplasm +   
brain cancer +   
central nervous system germ cell tumor +  
central nervous system hematologic cancer +   
central nervous system melanocytic neoplasm +   
central nervous system mesenchymal non-meningothelial tumor +  
central nervous system primitive neuroectodermal neoplasm +   
central nervous system sarcoma +   
Cranial Nerve Injuries +   
cranial nerve neoplasm +   
Benign and malignant neoplasms that arise from one or more of the twelve cranial nerves.
cranial nerve palsy +  
Cranial Nerves, Congenital Paresis of 
Cranial Nerves, Recurrent Paresis of 
facial nerve disease +   
glossopharyngeal nerve disease +   
hypoglossal nerve disease +   
jaw-winking syndrome 
meningioma +   
nerve plexus neoplasm +  
nerve root neoplasm 
Nerve Sheath Neoplasms +   
ocular motility disease +   
olfactory nerve disease +   
Ophthalmoplegic Migraine 
optic nerve disease +   
peripheral nerve sheath neoplasm +   
peripheral nervous system benign neoplasm +  
spinal cancer +   
third cranial nerve disease +   
trigeminal nerve disease +   
trochlear nerve disease +  
Vagus nerve disease +   
vestibulocochlear nerve disease +   

Exact Synonyms: Benign Cranial Nerve Tumors ;   Benign Cranial Neuroma ;   Benign Cranial Neuromas ;   Malignant Cranial Nerve Neoplasms ;   Malignant Cranial Nerve Tumors ;   benign cranial nerve neoplasms ;   cranial nerve neoplasms ;   neoplasm of cranial nerve ;   tumor of the cranial nerve
Primary IDs: MESH:D003390
Alternate IDs: RDO:0005288
Xrefs: NCI:C2963
Definition Sources: "DO", "DO", MESH:D003390

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