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leukocyte disease +     
skin disease +     
Achenbach syndrome 
acidophil adenoma 
Acneiform Eruptions +   
allergic cutaneous vasculitis +   
ancylostomiasis +  
angioedema +   
B-cell lymphoma +   
basophil adenoma 
basophilic adenocarcinoma 
Bone Tissue Neoplasms +   
Boudhina Yedes Khiari syndrome 
breast disease +   
Cd4+ Lymphocyte Deficiency  
cercarial dermatitis 
chancroid +  
chondroma +   
chronic ulcer of skin +   
clear cell sarcoma +   
connective tissue benign neoplasm +   
connective tissue cancer +   
contagious pustular dermatitis 
Cutaneous Fistula 
cutaneous lupus erythematosus +   
cutis laxa +   
dendritic cell sarcoma +  
dendritic cell thymoma +  
Dermal Fibrosis  
dermatitis +   
dermatomyositis +   
Duplication of Eyebrows with Stretchable Skin and Syndactyly 
Ectodermal Dysplasia-Skin Fragility Syndrome  
Eczematous Skin Diseases +   
Elastosis Perforans Serpiginosa 
Elliott Ludman Teebi Syndrome 
endometrial stromal tumor +   
endometriosis in scar of skin 
Eosinophilia +   
epidermal nevus +   
epidermolytic hyperkeratosis +   
Erythema +   
erythematosquamous dermatosis 
exanthem +   
FACES Syndrome 
facial dermatosis +   
Facial Ectodermal Dysplasia  
Fibrous Tissue Neoplasms +   
filariasis +   
Flynn Aird Syndrome 
Focal Facial Dermal Dysplasia 4  
Foot Diseases +   
gastrointestinal stromal tumor +   
Genetic Skin Diseases +   
giant cell tumor +   
granulomatosis with polyangiitis +   
hair disease +   
hand dermatosis +  
hemorrhoid +   
hereditary neutrophilia  
Hernandez Fragoso Syndrome 
ichthyosis +   
Immunodeficiency 32B  
infectious mononucleosis  
Infectious Skin Diseases +   
juvenile xanthogranuloma 
keratosis +   
Kimura disease 
Lazy Leukocyte Syndrome 
leg dermatosis 
leukocyte adhesion deficiency +   
Leukocyte Nuclear Appendages, Hereditary Prevalence of 
Leukocytosis +   
leukopenia +   
lipomatosis +   
localized scleroderma +   
Macroepiphyseal Dysplasia, McAlister Coe Type 
MASS Syndrome  
mastocytosis +   
A heterogenous group of disorders characterized by the abnormal increase of MAST CELLS in only the skin (MASTOCYTOSIS, CUTANEOUS), in extracutaneous tissues involving multiple organs (MASTOCYTOSIS, SYSTEMIC), or in solid tumors (MASTOCYTOMA).
Median Cleft Lip, Corpus Callosum, Lipoma, and Skin Polyps 
Mental Retardation, Joint Hypermobility, and Skin Laxity, with or without Metabolic Abnormalities 
Metabolic Skin Diseases +   
mongolian spot 
Monocyte Esterase Deficiency  
Morgellons Disease 
multicentric reticulohistiocytosis 
multiple cutaneous and mucosal venous malformations  
myofibroma +  
Myxoma +   
nail disease +   
natural killer cell leukemia 
necrobiosis lipoidica 
Necrobiotic Disorders +  
Necrolytic Migratory Erythema 
Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy  
Neutrophil Actin Dysfunction 
Neutrophil Chemotactic Response, Abnormal 
Nisch syndrome  
noninfectious dermatoses of eyelid +  
Oncogenic Osteomalacia 
Opitz Trigonocephaly Syndrome  
Papulosquamous Skin Diseases +   
Pelger-Huet anomaly +   
Pelger-Huet-Like Anomaly and Episodic Fever with Abdominal Pain 
phaeohyphomycosis +  
phagocyte bactericidal dysfunction +   
Phagocytosis, Plasma-Related Defect in 
photosensitivity disease +   
pigmentation disease +   
Presentey Anomaly  
Pruritus +   
Pseudoatrophoderma Colli 
reactive cutaneous fibrous lesion +  
rosacea +   
Roy Maroteaux Kremp Syndrome 
scalp dermatosis +   
sebaceous gland disease +   
Skin Abnormalities +   
skin atrophy 
Skin Neoplasms +   
skin sarcoidosis 
Specific Granule Deficiency  
sweat gland disease +   
synovial sarcoma +   
systemic scleroderma +   
T-cell leukemia +   
T-Cell OKT4 Deficiency  
T-Cell Receptor-Alpha/Beta Deficiency  
Ter Haar Syndrome  
tyrosinemia type II  
Undritz Anomaly 
Upton Young Syndrome 
urticaria +   
vascular skin disease +   
verruciform xanthoma of skin 
vesiculobullous skin disease +   

Exact Synonyms: Mast Cell Disease ;   Mast-Cell Diseases ;   Mastocytoses ;   mast cell hyperplasia
Narrow Synonyms: MASTOCYTOSIS URTICARIA PIGMENTOSA ;   MASTOCYTOSIS, SPORADIC, CHILDHOOD-ONSET ;   Mastocytosis, Adult Sporadic ;   mastocytosis with associated hematologic disorder
Primary IDs: MESH:D008415
Alternate IDs: OMIM:154800 ;   RDO:0001446
Xrefs: GARD:6987
Definition Sources: MESH:D008415

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