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intracranial sinus thrombosis (DOID:3572)
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carotid artery thrombosis  
intracranial sinus thrombosis +   
Formation or presence of a blood clot (THROMBUS) in the CRANIAL SINUSES, large endothelium-lined venous channels situated within the SKULL. Intracranial sinuses, also called cranial venous sinuses, include the superior sagittal, cavernous, lateral, petrous sinuses, and many others. Cranial sinus thrombosis can lead to severe HEADACHE; SEIZURE; and other neurological defects.

Exact Synonyms: Cranial Sinus Thromboses ;   Cranial Sinus Thrombosis ;   Intracranial Sinus Thrombophlebitides ;   Intracranial Sinus Thrombophlebitis ;   Intracranial Sinus Thromboses ;   Petrous Sinus Thrombophlebitides ;   Petrous Sinus Thrombophlebitis ;   Petrous Sinus Thromboses ;   Petrous Sinus Thrombosis ;   Sinus Thromboses ;   Sinus Thrombosis ;   Venous Sinus Thrombosis, Cranial
Primary IDs: MESH:D012851 ;   RDO:0006580
Definition Sources: MESH:D012851

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