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Primary Headache Disorders (DOID:9001144)
Annotations: Rat: (52) Mouse: (54) Human: (56) Chinchilla: (51) Bonobo: (52) Dog: (52) Squirrel: (50) Pig: (52)
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Headache Disorders +     
Headache Disorders, Secondary +  
Primary Headache Disorders +   
Conditions in which the primary symptom is HEADACHE and the headache cannot be attributed to any known causes.

Exact Synonyms: Alarm Clock Headache ;   Benign Cough Headache ;   Benign Cough Headaches ;   Benign Exertional Headache ;   Benign Exertional Headaches ;   Cough Headache ;   Hypnic Headache ;   Hypnic Headache Syndrome ;   Hypnic Headache Syndromes ;   Ice Pick Headache ;   Ice-Pick Headaches ;   Primary Cough Headache ;   Primary Exertional Headache ;   Primary Headache Disorder ;   Primary Stabbing Headache ;   Primary Thunderclap Headache ;   Stabbing Headache ;   alarm clock headaches ;   thunderclap headache
Primary IDs: MESH:D051270
Alternate IDs: RDO:0006127
Definition Sources: MESH:D051270

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