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Livedo Reticularis (DOID:9001467)
Annotations: Rat: (9) Mouse: (9) Human: (10) Chinchilla: (9) Bonobo: (9) Dog: (9) Squirrel: (9) Pig: (9)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
angioma serpiginosum +  
bacillary angiomatosis 
Behcet's disease +   
blue toe syndrome 
Cafe-au-Lait Spots +   
Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita 
diabetic angiopathy +   
Facial Dysmorphism, Immunodeficiency, Livedo, and Short Stature  
Gardner-Diamond Syndrome 
Jaundice +   
Kawasaki disease  
Livedo Reticularis +   
A condition characterized by a reticular or fishnet pattern on the skin of lower extremities and other parts of the body. This red and blue pattern is due to deoxygenated blood in unstable dermal blood vessels. The condition is intensified by cold exposure and relieved by rewarming.
Malignant Atrophic Papulosis 
May-Thurner Syndrome 
Megalencephaly - Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita  
mesenteric vascular occlusion  
Necrolytic Migratory Erythema 
peripheral artery disease +   
phlebitis +   
polyarteritis nodosa +   
priapism +   
Pruritus +   
purpura +   
pyoderma gangrenosum +   
Raynaud disease +   
renal artery disease +   
retinal vascular occlusion +   
Sneddon syndrome  
Striae Distensae +   
Takayasu's arteritis  
telangiectasis +   
temporal arteritis  
thromboangiitis obliterans  
Urethral Obstruction Sequence 
urticaria +   

Primary IDs: MESH:D054068 ;   RDO:0007650
Definition Sources: MESH:D054068

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