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Meckel Syndrome, Type 12 (DOID:9002190)
Annotations: Rat: (1) Mouse: (1) Human: (1) Chinchilla: (1) Bonobo: (1) Dog: (1) Squirrel: (1)
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Encephalocele +     
Meckel syndrome +     
Baraitser Rodeck Garner syndrome 
Brachymesomelia Renal Syndrome 
Cerebellar Vermis Aplasia with Associated Features suggesting Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome and Meckel Syndrome 
Cerebrorenodigital Syndrome with Limb Malformations and Triradiate Acetabula 
cystic kidney disease with ventriculomegaly  
Dandy-Walker Malformation with Occipital Cephalocele, Autosomal Dominant 
DK Phocomelia Syndrome 
Fronto-Facio-Nasal Dysplasia 
Glomerulocystic Kidney Disease with Hyperuricemia and Isosthenuria  
Joubert syndrome 1  
Joubert Syndrome 2  
Joubert syndrome 4  
Joubert syndrome 7  
Knobloch Syndrome  
Knobloch Syndrome Type II 
Knobloch Syndrome Type III 
Laryngeal Atresia, Encephalocele, and Limb Deformities 
maturity-onset diabetes of the young type 5  
Meckel syndrome 1  
Meckel syndrome 13  
Meckel syndrome 2  
Meckel syndrome 3  
Meckel syndrome 4  
Meckel syndrome 5  
Meckel syndrome 6  
Meckel syndrome 7  
Meckel syndrome 8  
Meckel Syndrome, Type 10  
Meckel Syndrome, Type 11  
Meckel Syndrome, Type 12  
Meckel Syndrome, Type 9  
Meckel-Like Cerebrorenodigital Syndrome 
Medullary Sponge Kidney +  
Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney +   
nephronophthisis +   
non-congenital cyst of kidney 
parietal foramina +   
Podder-Tolmie Syndrome 
polycystic kidney disease +   
Renal TSC2 Angiomyolipomas, Modifier of 
renal-hepatic-pancreatic dysplasia +   
Sakoda Complex 
Senior-Loken syndrome +   
Situs Inversus Totalis with Cystic Dysplasia of Kidneys and Pancreas 
Ulnar Ray Dysgenesis with Postaxial Polydactyly and Renal Cystic Dysplasia 
Zechi-Ceide Syndrome 

Exact Synonyms: MKS12 ;   Meckel syndrome 12
Primary IDs: OMIM:616258
Alternate IDs: RDO:9001646

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