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Brachydactyly Type A5 Nail Dysplasia (DOID:9003215)
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brachydactyly +     
nail disease +     
acrocapitofemoral dysplasia  
Al Gazali Hirschsprung Syndrome 
anonychia congenita +   
Ballard syndrome 
Basaran Yilmaz Syndrome  
Berk-Tabatznik Syndrome 
Bork Stender Schmidt Syndrome 
brachydactyly type A1 +   
brachydactyly type A2  
brachydactyly type A3 
brachydactyly type A4  
Brachydactyly Type A5 Nail Dysplasia 
brachydactyly type A6 
brachydactyly type B1  
brachydactyly type B2  
brachydactyly type C  
brachydactyly type D  
Brachydactyly with Hypertension  
Brachydactyly, Coloboma, and Anterior Segment Dysgenesis 
Brachydactyly, Intraventricular Septal Defect, and Deafness 
Brachydactyly, Long-Thumb Type 
Brachydactyly, Type A2, With Microcephaly 
Brachydactyly, Type E +   
Brachydactyly-Nystagmus-Cerebellar Ataxia 
brachydactyly-preaxial hallux varus syndrome 
brachydactyly-syndactyly syndrome  
candidal paronychia 
Chondrodysplasia with Platyspondyly, Distinctive Brachydactyly, Hydrocephaly, and Microphthalmia  
chronic mucocutaneous candidiasis +   
Cleidocranial Dysplasia, Forme Fruste, with Brachydactyly  
Coloboma of Macula and Skeletal Anomalies 
Coloboma of Macula Type B Brachydactyly 
Congenital Hereditary Endothelial Dystrophy with Nail Hypoplasia 
Cryptomicrotia Brachydactyly Syndrome 
Dermatopathia Pigmentosa Reticularis  
Digital Arthropathy-Brachydactyly, Familial  
Double Nail for Fifth Toe 
Ectodermal Dysplasia 4, Hair/Nail Type  
Ectodermal Dysplasia 9, Hair/Nail Type  
Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex with Nail Dystrophy  
Epidermolysis Bullosa, Late-Onset Localized Junctional, with Mental Retardation 
Fibular Aplasia Ectrodactyly 
fibular hypoplasia and complex brachydactyly  
Fitzsimmons-Guilbert Syndrome  
FLOTCH Syndrome 
GOMBO Syndrome 
Grange Syndrome  
Heart-Hand Syndrome, Spanish Type 
Hirschsprung Disease Type d Brachydactyly 
Hooft Disease 
Judge Misch Wright Syndrome 
Kumar Levick Syndrome 
Leukonychia Totalis +   
Metaphyseal Dysplasia with Maxillary Hypoplasia and Brachydactyly  
Mononen-Karnes-Senac syndrome 
Multiple Synostoses Syndrome 1  
nail-patella syndrome +   
Nails, Ingrown 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 1 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 10  
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 2 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 3  
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 4  
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 5 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 6 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 7 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 8  
Odontomicronychial Dysplasia 
Onycholysis +   
pachyonychia congenita +   
Palmoplantar Keratoderma, Spastic Paralysis 
Patel Bixler Syndrome 
Pectus Excavatum, Macrocephaly, Short Stature, Dysplastic Nails 
Pedal Onychogryposis with Keratosis Plantaris and Coarse Hair 
Photosensitive Trichothiodystrophy 1  
Prata Libéral Gonçalves Syndrome 
Prolonged Bleeding Time, Brachydactyly, and Mental Retardation  
Robin Sequence with Distinctive Facial Appearance and Brachydactyly 
Short Stature, Facial Dysmorphism, Severe Brachydactyly, and Syndactyly 
Sillence Syndrome 
Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia-Brachydactyly and Distinctive Speech 
Stiff Thumbs, with Brachydactyly Type A1 and Developmental Delay 
Subungual Exostoses 
Sugarman brachydactyly +  
Synostosis, Carpal, with Dysplastic Elbow Joints and Brachydactyly  
T-cell immunodeficiency, congenital alopecia, and nail dystrophy  
temtamy preaxial brachydactyly syndrome  
tinea favosa 
tinea unguium 
Tonoki Syndrome 
Trichoodontoonychial Dysplasia 
Ulnar/Fibular Ray Defect and Brachydactyly  
yellow nail syndrome +  

Exact Synonyms: Absent middle phalanges of digits 2-5 with nail dysplasia ;   Brachydactyly, Type A5, With Nail Dysplasia
Primary IDs: MESH:C537091 ;   RDO:0002865

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