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Dermoodontodysplasia (DOID:9004859)
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hair disease +     
Malformed Nails +     
Skin Abnormalities +     
Ackerman Syndrome 
acrodermatitis +   
ADULT syndrome  
Alopecia Universalis, Onychodystrophy, Vitiligo 
Ameloonychohypohidrotic Syndrome 
Anetoderma +   
anodontia +   
anonychia congenita +   
Anonychia Onychodystrophy 
Anonychia with Flexural Pigmentation 
Anterior Segment Dysgenesis 4  
AREDYLD Syndrome 
Bamforth-Lazarus syndrome  
Barber-Say syndrome  
Basan Syndrome  
Beare-Stevenson cutis gyrata syndrome  
Bird Headed Dwarfism Montreal Type 
Bjornstad syndrome  
blepharocheilodontic syndrome +   
Blepharophimosis Syndrome Type 1  
Blepharophimosis Syndrome Type 2  
Blepharophimosis with Ptosis, Syndactyly, and Short Stature 
blepharophimosis, ptosis, and epicanthus inversus syndrome  
Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome +   
Book Syndrome 
Brachycephaly, Trichomegaly, and Developmental Delay  
Brachymorphism-Onychodysplasia-Dysphalangism Syndrome 
C1q Deficiency  
Cancer, Alopecia, Pigment Dyscrasia, Onychodystrophy, and Keratoderma 
Carabelli Anomaly of Maxillary Molar Teeth 
Carney complex +   
Cartwright Nelson Fryns Syndrome 
Cleidocranial Dysplasia, Forme Fruste, Dental Anomalies Only  
cocoon syndrome  
CODAS Syndrome  
Congenital Deafness with Inner Ear Agenesis, Microtia, and Microdontia  
Congenital Deafness, and Onychodystrophy, Autosomal Dominant  
Congenital Woolly Hair +   
Copper Deficiency, Familial Benign 
Craniosynostosis and Dental Anomalies  
Curly Hair-Acral Keratoderma-Caries Syndrome 
Curly Hair-Ankyloblepharon-Nail Dysplasia Syndrome  
Cutaneous Hemangiomatosis with Associated Features 
Deafness Enamel Hypoplasia Nail Defects  
Dens in Dente +  
dental enamel hypoplasia +   
dentin dysplasia +   
dentinogenesis imperfecta +   
Dermal Ridges, Nelson Syndrome 
Dermal Ridges, Patternless 
Diastema +  
Digitorenocerebral Syndrome  
dilated cardiomyopathy with woolly hair and keratoderma +   
Dilated Cardiomyopathy with Woolly Hair, Keratoderma, and Tooth Agenesis  
Double Nail for Fifth Toe 
dyskeratosis congenita +   
Dyskeratosis, Hereditary Benign Intraepithelial 
ectodermal dysplasia +   
Ectodermal Dysplasia 4, Hair/Nail Type  
Ectodermal Dysplasia 9, Hair/Nail Type  
Ehlers-Danlos syndrome +   
epidermolysis bullosa +   
Epithelial Squamous Dysplasia, Keratinizing Desquamative, of Urinary Tract 
Erosive Arthropathy 
Euhidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia 
Faciocardiomelic Dysplasia, Lethal 
Familial Dyskeratotic Comedones 
Familial Popliteal Pterygium Syndrome 
FLOTCH Syndrome 
folliculitis +   
Fused Teeth 
Gorlin Bushkell Jensen Syndrome 
Grubben de Cock Borghgraef Syndrome 
Hairy Palms and Soles 
Hereditary Koilonychia 
Hereditary Sclerosing Poikiloderma +   
Hirsutism +   
Hyperkeratotic Cutaneous Capillary-Venous Malformations Associated with Cerebral Capillary Malformations  
hypertrichosis +   
Hypohidrosis with Abnormal Palmar Dermal Ridges 
Hypospadias-Mental Retardation Syndrome 
hypotrichosis +   
ichthyosis +   
Ichthyosis-Mental Retardation Syndrome with Large Keratohyalin Granules in the Skin 
Infantile Cataract, Skin Abnormalities, Glutamate Excess, and Impaired Intellectual Development  
Kaler Garrity Stern Syndrome 
Katsantoni Papadakou Lagoyanni Syndrome 
KBG syndrome  
Keratosis Linearis with Ichthyosis Congenita and Sclerosing Keratoderma  
Kozlowski-Krajewska Syndrome 
Kumar Levick Syndrome 
LADD syndrome  
Larsen syndrome  
lethal restrictive dermopathy  
Linear Skin Defects with Multiple Congenital Anomalies +   
Mammary-Digital-Nail Syndrome 
Martinez Monasterio Pinheiro Syndrome 
Menkes disease +   
Michelin Tire Baby Syndrome +   
monilethrix +   
multiple pterygium syndrome +   
Nance-Horan syndrome  
Naxos Disease  
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 1 
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 10  
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 8  
nonsyndromic congenital nail disorder 9  
Oculocerebrocutaneous Syndrome 
oculodentodigital dysplasia +   
Odontodysplasia +   
Odontomicronychial Dysplasia 
Odontotrichoungual-Digital-Palmar Syndrome 
Onycholysis, Partial, with Scleronychia 
Onychotrichodysplasia and Neutropenia 
Oroacral Syndrome, Verloes-Koulischer Type 
Otodental Dysplasia 
Otoonychoperoneal Syndrome 
Pedal Onychogryposis with Keratosis Plantaris and Coarse Hair 
Photosensitive Trichothiodystrophy 1  
Pili Annulati 
Pili Multigemini 
Pili Torti +  
Pili Torti Onychodysplasia 
Pinheiro Freire-Maia Miranda Syndrome 
poikiloderma with neutropenia  
Port-Wine Stain +   
Postaxial Polydactyly, with Dental and Vertebral Anomalies 
Prolidase Deficiency  
Pseudofolliculitis Barbae  
pseudoxanthoma elasticum +   
Pterygium Colli, Isolated 
Ridges-off-the-end Syndrome 
Rodrigues Blindness 
Rothmund-Thomson syndrome +   
Santos Syndrome 
Schinzel-Giedion Syndrome  
Sclerema Neonatorum 
Short Stature, Onychodysplasia, Facial Dysmorphism, and Hypotrichosis  
Skin Fragility-Woolly Hair Syndrome  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 1  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 10  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 11  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 4  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 5  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 6  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 7  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 8  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 9  
Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia with Abnormal Dentition 
Steatocystoma Multiplex with Natal Teeth 
superficial mycosis +  
Supernumerary Tooth +  
Taurodontism +  
Taurodontism, Microdontia, and Dens Invaginatus 
Teebi Kaurah Syndrome 
Teeth Noneruption of with Maxillary Hypoplasia and Genu Valgum 
Teeth, Odd Shapes of 
Temple-Baraitser syndrome  
temtamy preaxial brachydactyly syndrome  
tinea capitis +  
Tonoki Syndrome 
tooth agenesis +   
tooth and nail syndrome  
Total Anonychia with Microcephaly 
Tricho-Dento-Osseous Syndrome  
Tricho-Dento-Osseous Syndrome 1 
Trichohepatoenteric Syndrome +   
Trichohepatoneurodevelopmental Syndrome  
trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type I  
trichorhinophalangeal syndrome type III  
Trichostasis Spinulosa 
Trichothiodystrophy Syndromes +   
Ulnar Hypoplasia with Mental Retardation 
Uncombable Hair Syndrome +   
Urban Schosser Spohn Syndrome 
Vascular Hyalinosis 
Weyers Acrofacial Dysostosis  
White Forelock with Malformations 
Winter Shortland Temple Syndrome  
Woolly Hair, Autosomal Recessive +   
xeroderma pigmentosum +   
yellow nail syndrome +  
Zazam Sheriff Phillips Syndrome 
Zori Stalker Williams Syndrome 

Primary IDs: MESH:C565103 ;   RDO:0013838

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