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Acid-Base Imbalance +   
Disturbances in the ACID-BASE EQUILIBRIUM of the body.
acquired metabolic disease +   
carbohydrate metabolism disease +   
DNA Repair-Deficiency Disorders +   
glucose metabolism disease +   
inherited metabolic disorder +   
lipid metabolism disorder +   
Malabsorption Syndromes +   
Metabolic Bone Diseases +   
Metabolic Brain Diseases +   
Metabolic Skin Diseases +   
Metabolic Syndrome +   
mineral metabolism disease +   
mitochondrial metabolism disease +   
phosphorus metabolism disease +   
porphyria +   
Proteostasis Deficiencies +   
Wasting Syndrome +   
Water-Electrolyte Imbalance +   

Exact Synonyms: Acid-Base Imbalances
Primary IDs: MESH:D000137 ;   RDO:0004705
Definition Sources: MESH:D000137

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