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Elejalde Disease (DOID:9006801)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
acanthosis nigricans +   
ADULT syndrome  
Anonychia with Flexural Pigmentation 
ataxia telangiectasia +   
BADS syndrome 
Basaran Yilmaz Syndrome  
Bloch-Sulzberger syndrome +   
Bullous Dystrophy, Hereditary Macular Type 
Cafe-au-Lait Spots +   
CEDNIK syndrome  
conjunctival pigmentation 
dyschromatosis symmetrica hereditaria  
dyschromatosis universalis hereditaria +   
Elejalde Disease 
Encephalocraniocutaneous Lipomatosis  
FLOTCH Syndrome 
Gomez Lopez Hernandez Syndrome 
Graying of Hair, Precocious 
Griscelli syndrome +   
Grouped Pigmentation of the Macula 
Hereditary Neurocutaneous Angioma 
Heterochromia Iridis  
Hyperpigmentation +   
Hypopigmentation +   
hypopigmentation of eyelid 
Johnson Neuroectodermal Syndrome 
Leukomelanoderma, Infantilism, Mental Retardation, Hypodontia, Hypotrichosis 
Macules Hereditary Congenital Hypopigmented and Hyperpigmented 
neonatal jaundice +   
Neurocutaneous Melanosis  
neurofibromatosis +   
Oculocerebral Hypopigmentation Syndrome Type Preus 
PHACE Association 
Phacomatosis Pigmentovascularis 
Pigmented Purpuric Eruption 
Red Skin Pigment Anomaly of New Guinea 
Reticulate Pigmentary Disorder, with Systemic Manifestations  
Russell-Silver Syndrome, X-Linked 
Sebaceous Nevus of Jadassohn +   
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 1  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 10  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 11  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 4  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 5  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 6  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 7  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 8  
Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation, Variation In, 9  
stromal corneal pigmentation 
Sturge-Weber Syndrome +   
Symmetric Acroleukopathy 
Tang Hsi Ryu Syndrome 
Terminal Osseous Dysplasia and Pigmentary Defects  
Thumb Deformity, Alopecia, Pigmentation Anomaly 
tuberous sclerosis +   
urticaria pigmentosa  
von Hippel-Lindau disease  
Waardenburg Syndrome Type 4 +   
White Forelock with Malformations 
Whyte Murphy Syndrome 
Wyburn Mason's Syndrome 
xeroderma pigmentosum +   
yellow nail syndrome +  
Zunich Neuroectodermal Syndrome  

Exact Synonyms: Melanolysosomal neurocutaneous syndrome ;   Neuro-ectodermal melanolysosomal syndrome ;   Neuroectodermal melanolysosomal disease
Primary IDs: MESH:C536203 ;   RDO:0001683

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