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Digestive System Fistula (DOID:9008038)
Annotations: Rat: (51) Mouse: (52) Human: (54) Chinchilla: (46) Bonobo: (45) Dog: (46) Squirrel: (43) Pig: (46)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
Fistula +     
appendix disease +   
autoimmune disease of gastrointestinal tract +   
biliary tract disease +   
Cutaneous Fistula 
Digestive System Abnormalities +   
Digestive System Fistula +   
An abnormal passage communicating between any components of the digestive system, or between any part of the digestive system and surrounding organ(s).
Digestive System Neoplasms +   
esophageal disease +   
gastroenteritis +   
Gastrointestinal Diseases +   
hepatobiliary disease +   
intestinal disease +   
Lachiewicz Sibley Syndrome 
mouth disease +   
Novak Syndrome 
Oral Fistula +  
pancreas disease +   
Peritoneal Diseases +   
Respiratory Tract Fistula +   
stomach disease +   
Urinary Fistula +  
Vaginal Fistula +  
Vascular Fistula +   
Zuska's Disease 

Exact Synonyms: Digestive System Fistulas
Primary IDs: MESH:D016154 ;   RDO:0005000
Definition Sources: MESH:D016154

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