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Dizziness +   
Hearing Disorders +   
Olfaction Disorders +   
Posterior Column Ataxia 
Somatosensory Disorders +   
Disorders of sensory information received from superficial and deep regions of the body. The somatosensory system conveys neural impulses which pertain to proprioception, tactile sensation, thermal sensation, pressure sensation, and pain. PERIPHERAL NERVOUS SYSTEM DISEASES; SPINAL CORD DISEASES; and BRAIN DISEASES may be associated with impaired or abnormal somatic sensation.
Taste Disorders +   
Vision Disorders +   

Exact Synonyms: Light Touch Sensation Impairment ;   Pain Sensation Diminished ;   Pain Sensation Diminisheds ;   Pinprick Sensation Diminished ;   Pinprick Sensation Diminisheds ;   Position Sense Disorder ;   Position Sense Disorders ;   Proprioceptive Disorder ;   Proprioceptive Disorders ;   Somatic Sensation Disorder ;   Somatic Sensation Disorders ;   Somatosensory Disorder ;   Thermal Sensation Disorder ;   Thermal Sensation Disorders
Primary IDs: MESH:D020886 ;   RDO:0005828
Definition Sources: MESH:D020886

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