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Familial Cutaneous Papillomatosis (DOID:9008791)
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papilloma +     
Skin Neoplasms +     
Abdominal Chemodectomas with Cutaneous Angiolipomas 
acanthoma +  
Bazex-Dupre-Christol Syndrome 
Becker Nevus Syndrome 
biliary papillomatosis +  
Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome  
breast duct papilloma +  
breast papillomatosis +  
Brooke-Spiegler syndrome  
Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumor 
Cardiomyopathy Hypogonadism Collagenoma Syndrome 
cervix squamous papilloma 
choroid plexus papilloma +   
Davenport Donlan Syndrome 
Dermatopathia Pigmentosa Reticularis  
ethmoid sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
Familial Cutaneous Collagenoma  
Familial Cutaneous Papillomatosis 
Familial Multiple Trichodiscomas 
Fanconi-like syndrome  
Florid Papillomatosis of Nipple 
frontal sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
gallbladder papillomatosis 
Giant Pigmented Hairy Nevus  
Hamartoma, Precalcaneal Congenital Fibrolipomatous 
Hereditary Leiomyomatosis and Renal Cell Cancer  
Hyperkeratosis of the Palms and Soles and Esophageal Papillomas  
Ichthyosis Hystrix Gravior 
intraductal papilloma +  
inverted papilloma +   
Laryngeal Papillomatosis  
nasal vestibule papilloma 
Palmoplantar Hyperkeratosis with Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Skin and Sex Reversal  
papillary adenoma +  
Phacomatosis Pigmentokeratotica 
Progressive Mucinous Histiocytosis 
Reactive Angioendotheliomatosis 
renal pelvis papillary tumor +  
Rombo syndrome 
sebaceous gland neoplasm +   
serous surface papilloma 
skin benign neoplasm +   
skin cancer +   
skin papilloma +   
sphenoid sinus Schneiderian papilloma 
squamous cell papilloma +  
squamous papillomatosis 
sweat gland neoplasm +   
transitional papilloma +  
Trichoepithelioma, Multiple Familial, 2  
Trichoepitheliomas, Multiple Desmoplastic 
Tufted Angioma 
verrucous papilloma 
vulvar squamous papilloma +  

Primary IDs: MESH:C566832
Alternate IDs: RDO:0015069

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