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cell division site +     
cell septum +    
actomyosin contractile ring +   
adventitious septum 
cellular bud neck septin structure +  
cleavage apparatus septin structure +  
cleavage furrow +   
division septum +  
A cell septum which forms as part of the division site and functions in the compartmentalization of a cell into two daughter cells at division. A division septum spans a cell and does not allow exchange of organelles or cytoplasm between compartments.
divisome complex +  
equatorial cell cortex 
equatorial microtubule organizing center +   
medial cortex +  
medial membrane band 
porous cell septum +  

Exact Synonyms: complete septum ;   divison septum
Broad Synonyms: septum surface
Related Synonyms: cell septum surface
Alternate IDs: GO:0043187
Definition Sources: GOC:clt, GOC:vw

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