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secondary heart field specification (GO:0003139)
Annotations: Rat: (9) Mouse: (9) Human: (9) Chinchilla: (8) Bonobo: (9) Dog: (7) Squirrel: (0) Pig: (9)
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heart induction +   
primary heart field specification  
secondary heart field specification  
The process that results in the delineation of a specific region of the lateral mesoderm into the area which will form the majority of the mesodermal component of the right ventricle, arterial pole (outflow tract) and venous pole (inflow tract).

Exact Synonyms: SHF specification ;   second heart field specification
Narrow Synonyms: anterior heart field specification
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_heart, GOC:rl, PMID:17276708

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