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anchoring collagen complex +   
basement membrane +   
A collagen-containing extracellular matrix consisting of a thin layer of dense material found in various animal tissues interposed between the cells and the adjacent connective tissue. It consists of the basal lamina plus an associated layer of reticulin fibers.
collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix +  
collagen type XXVI trimer 
collagen type XXVIII trimer 
complex of collagen trimers +   
EMILIN complex  
extracellular matrix of synaptic cleft  
hyaline layer +  
interphotoreceptor matrix +   
interstitial matrix  
matrilin complex 
multimerin complex 
perisynaptic extracellular matrix +   
synapse-associated extracellular matrix +   
tenascin complex 
transforming growth factor beta complex 

Related Synonyms: basal lamina ;   basement lamina ;   lamina densa
Alternate IDs: GO:0005605 ;   GO:0008003
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Basement_membrane
Definition Sources: ISBN:0198547684, PMID:22505934

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