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actin filament +   
intermediate filament +   
A cytoskeletal structure that forms a distinct elongated structure, characteristically 10 nm in diameter, that occurs in the cytoplasm of eukaryotic cells. Intermediate filaments form a fibrous system, composed of chemically heterogeneous subunits and involved in mechanically integrating the various components of the cytoplasmic space. Intermediate filaments may be divided into five chemically distinct classes: Type I, acidic keratins; Type II, basic keratins; Type III, including desmin, vimentin and others; Type IV, neurofilaments and related filaments; and Type V, lamins.
microtubule +   
neurofilament cytoskeleton  
outer dense fiber  
postsynaptic intermediate filament cytoskeleton  
presynaptic intermediate filament cytoskeleton  

Related Synonyms: intermediate filament associated protein ;   type I intermediate filament associated protein ;   type II intermediate filament associated protein
Xrefs: FMA:63851 ;   NIF_Subcellular:sao952483289 ;   Wikipedia:Intermediate_filament
Definition Sources:, ISBN:0198506732

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