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insulin receptor complex (GO:0005899)
Annotations: Rat: (5) Mouse: (5) Human: (5) Chinchilla: (3) Bonobo: (3) Dog: (5) Squirrel: (3) Pig: (4)
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acetylcholine-gated channel complex  
activin receptor complex  
alphav-beta5 integrin-vitronectin complex 
apical plasma membrane urothelial plaque  
B cell receptor complex +   
bacterial-type flagellum stator complex 
BMP receptor complex  
CD40 receptor complex  
Cdr2 medial cortical node complex 
ciliary neurotrophic factor receptor complex  
Cus cation efflux complex 
EFF-1 complex 
EGFR:ERBB2 complex 
EmrE multidrug transporter complex 
enzyme IIA-maltose transporter complex 
ERBB3:ERBB2 complex  
ERBB4-EGFR complex 
ERBB4-ERBB3 complex 
ERBB4-ERBB4 complex 
ERBB4:ERBB2 complex 
G protein-coupled receptor complex +   
glycine-gated chloride channel complex  
glycoprotein Ib-IX-V complex 
granulocyte macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor complex  
HFE-transferrin receptor complex  
high molecular weight kininogen receptor complex 
histamine-gated chloride channel complex 
insulin receptor complex  
A disulfide-bonded, heterotetrameric receptor complex. The alpha chains are entirely extracellular, while each beta chain has one transmembrane domain. The ligand binds to the alpha subunit extracellular domain and the kinase is associated with the beta subunit intracellular domain.
integral component of external side of plasma membrane +   
integral component of muscle cell projection membrane 
integral component of synaptic membrane +   
integral component of the cytoplasmic side of the plasma membrane 
integrin complex +   
interleukin-1 receptor complex  
interleukin-12 receptor complex  
interleukin-13 receptor complex  
interleukin-18 receptor complex  
interleukin-2 receptor complex  
interleukin-20 receptor complex 
interleukin-23 receptor complex  
interleukin-28 receptor complex  
interleukin-3 receptor complex 
interleukin-4 receptor complex 
interleukin-5 receptor complex  
interleukin-6 receptor complex  
interleukin-9 receptor complex 
inward rectifying potassium channel  
ionotropic glutamate receptor complex +   
Las1 complex  
maltose transport complex +  
membrane attack complex  
NADPH oxidase complex  
NarGHI complex 
neurotransmitter receptor complex +   
nucleotide-activated protein kinase complex  
oncostatin-M receptor complex  
PAK family kinase-Sog2 complex 
PKM2 protein kinase complex 
plasma membrane proton-transporting V-type ATPase, V0 domain 
plasma membrane proton-transporting V-type ATPase, V1 domain 
platelet-derived growth factor receptor-ligand complex 
potassium:proton exchanging ATPase complex  
pre-T cell receptor complex 
protein histidine kinase complex 
SC5b-7 complex 
serine/threonine protein kinase complex +   
sodium:potassium-exchanging ATPase complex  
spanning component of plasma membrane  
sucrase-isomaltase complex 
T cell receptor complex +   
Toll-like receptor 1-Toll-like receptor 2 protein complex  
Toll-like receptor 2-Toll-like receptor 6 protein complex  
transforming growth factor beta ligand-receptor complex 
transmembrane collagen trimer +   
type I interferon receptor complex 
voltage-gated potassium channel complex +   
voltage-gated sodium channel complex  

Definition Sources: ISBN:0198506732

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