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sulfur utilization (GO:0006791)
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biological process +     
behavior +   
biological adhesion +   
biological phase +   
biological regulation +   
carbohydrate utilization +   
carbon utilization +  
cell aggregation +   
cell killing +   
cell population proliferation +   
cellular component organization or biogenesis +   
cellular process +   
detoxification +   
developmental process +   
growth +   
immune system process +   
localization +   
locomotion +   
metabolic process +   
multi-organism process +   
multicellular organismal process +   
negative regulation of biological process +   
nitrogen utilization +   
phosphorus utilization +  
pigmentation +   
positive regulation of biological process +   
regulation of biological process +   
reproduction +   
reproductive process +   
response to stimulus +   
rhythmic process +   
signaling +   
sulfur utilization +  
A series of processes that forms an integrated mechanism by which a cell or an organism detects the depletion of primary sulfur sources and then activates genes to scavenge the last traces of the primary sulfur source and to transport and metabolize alternate sulfur sources. The utilization process begins when the cell or organism detects sulfur levels, includes the activation of genes whose products detect, transport or metabolize sulfur-containing compounds, and ends when the sulfur is incorporated into the cell or organism's metabolism.

Exact Synonyms: sulphur utilization
Definition Sources: GOC:mah, GOC:mlg

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