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activation of JUN kinase activity (GO:0007257)
Annotations: Rat: (36) Mouse: (41) Human: (39) Chinchilla: (38) Bonobo: (38) Dog: (20) Squirrel: (0) Pig: (24)
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activation of JNKK activity  
activation of JNKKK activity 
activation of JUN kinase activity  
The initiation of the activity of the inactive enzyme JUN kinase (JNK).
activation of MAPK activity by adrenergic receptor signaling pathway 
activation of MAPK activity involved in cell wall organization or biogenesis 
activation of MAPK activity involved in conjugation with cellular fusion 
activation of MAPK activity involved in innate immune response 
activation of MAPK activity involved in osmosensory signaling pathway 
JUN phosphorylation  
negative regulation of JNK cascade +   
positive regulation of JNK cascade +   
regulation of JNK cascade +   

Broad Synonyms: activation of SAPK activity
Definition Sources: GOC:bf

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