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agglutination involved in conjugation with cellular fusion 
female pregnancy +   
The set of physiological processes that allow an embryo or foetus to develop within the body of a female animal. It covers the time from fertilization of a female ovum by a male spermatozoon until birth.
hemolymph coagulation 
insemination +   
mating +   
multi-organism reproductive behavior 
natural killer cell cytokine production +   
parturition +   
penetration of zona pellucida  
plantlet formation on parent plant 
pollen tube adhesion 
pollen tube reception 
pollination +  
regulation of brood size +   
rejection of pollen from other species 
sexual reproduction +   
sperm competition +   
sporangium germination on or near host +  
vasodilation in other organism 

Exact Synonyms: gestation
Related Synonyms: carrying of young
Xrefs: Wikipedia:Gestation
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:40674 ! Mammalia
Definition Sources: ISBN:0192800825

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