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apoptotic mitochondrial changes (GO:0008637)
Annotations: Rat: (120) Mouse: (119) Human: (140) Chinchilla: (107) Bonobo: (115) Dog: (114) Squirrel: (112) Pig: (113)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
anoikis +   
apoptotic mitochondrial changes +   
The morphological and physiological alterations undergone by mitochondria during apoptosis.
apoptotic process in bone marrow cell +   
apoptotic process in response to mitochondrial fragmentation 
apoptotic process involved in development +   
apoptotic signaling pathway +   
epithelial cell apoptotic process +   
execution phase of apoptosis +   
fat cell apoptotic process +   
fibroblast apoptotic process +   
glial cell apoptotic process +   
hepatoblast apoptotic process 
inflammatory cell apoptotic process +   
leukocyte apoptotic process +   
melanocyte apoptotic process  
mesenchymal cell apoptotic process +   
mitochondrial fission +   
mitochondrial fusion +   
mitochondrial genome maintenance +   
mitochondrial membrane organization +   
mitochondrial protein catabolic process  
mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase complex assembly  
mitochondrial respirasome assembly  
mitochondrial respiratory chain complex assembly +   
mitochondrion disassembly +   
mitochondrion distribution +   
mitochondrion morphogenesis  
muscle cell apoptotic process +   
myeloid cell apoptotic process +   
myofibroblast cell apoptotic process +  
Nebenkern assembly 
negative regulation of apoptotic process +   
negative regulation of mitochondrion organization +   
neuron apoptotic process +   
positive regulation of apoptotic process +   
positive regulation of mitochondrion organization +   
protein targeting to mitochondrion +   
regulation of apoptotic process +   
regulation of mitochondrion organization +   
retinal cell apoptotic process +   
sperm mitochondrion organization  

Definition Sources: GOC:mah, GOC:mtg_apoptosis

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