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chloroplast starch grain (GO:0009569)
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chloroplast +    
starch grain +    
amyloplast starch grain 
chloroplast ADPG pyrophosphorylase complex 
chloroplast envelope +  
chloroplast isoamylase complex 
chloroplast starch grain 
Plant storage body for amylose and amylopectin, 1-100um in diameter, and located in chloroplasts. Also contains small amounts of enzymes, amino acids, lipids and nucleic acids. The shape of the grain varies widely amongst species, but is often spherical or disk-shaped.
chloroplast stroma +  
chloroplast thylakoid +  
chloroplast vesicle 
ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase complex 
granum +  
magnesium chelatase complex 
TOC-TIC supercomplex I 

Exact Synonyms: chloroplast starch granule
Definition Sources: GOC:jl, ISBN:0198506732

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